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Still Work

If you listened to my podcast, Life As P, recently, you know I have so much work to do. Yes, I know you’re like, “Duh. Ma’am we’ve been waiting on you to release one of the fifty- eleven books you keep saying you’re working on.” Although you’re right, that’s not the work I mean. Well, it is but it ain’t. Once I explain hopefully you will understand.

I’ve been on this journey of self-healing for several years now. If you’ve taken one yourself, you realize it is exhausting but the burdens it lifts are tremendous. Sometimes we walk this road and see just how far we’ve come, we feel free. So free that we forget there’s still a road ahead of us.

For the last year and some change, I’ve been trying to figure out what my major distraction is. I love writing and telling stories, so why aren’t I doing that? At first, it was the divorce sucking up my energy. Then it was the relocation from Delaware to Maryland. I took a break from working my full-time job and I was able to release, Savage Fever as an entire season all in one book. What a relief I felt. I really thought it was the start of getting my groove back. Shout out to Stella!

I had to go back to work so naturally I thought that was the issue. Toxic work environments can snatch your soul and not in the way Kareef from Touch Me First could. Can you imagine working for a company so toxic that you’re work from home job is killing your spirit? Like dude, I’m in my damn house. How you turn it into a place I don’t want to be?

Now I’m free again and I’m looking for the focus to write consistently. Then I realize I’m back in a healing season. I’ve had interactions, unalignments, and confusion come up for me to realize I need to get back to the work of healing. I’m tired a lot but it’s okay because the process of healing can be draining. It also reminds me to take my iron pills.

All of this to say, I’m working on me. Through that process I am working on books. Life gives me its stories to tell. My imagination dances when burdens don’t take center stage. Slowly, but surely, I’m coming back to life. When I release, I know these stories will come alive.

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