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About Phoenix...


 Stemming from a block in Brooklyn, New York, Phoenix Ash currently resides in Delaware. A Wilkes University Master of Arts graduate, Phoenix is not only an author but also the life examining host of the inspiring, sometimes funny, and always authentic podcast, Life As P.  

The traumatic experience of losing both of her parents to terminal illnesses during Phoenix’s preadolescent years, she found her solace in the emerging culture of Hip-Hop.


After years of lending her lyrical talents to local rappers, gospel artists, and playwrights, her stories became bigger, more complex, and with characters begging to have their voices amplified. However, she also needed a place to bury her own stories of love, loss, and dreams for the future. Phoenix ventured into the life of a fiction writer, quickly falling in love with the freedom of the craft. Bringing to the table a cinematic flare and a plethora of layered characters, she fires up intense tales that bring you passion, love, and enough drama to keep readers entertained for years to come.


In all that she writes Phoenix works to express the feminine balance between power and vulnerability. And this is just the beginning.

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